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A passion project for our team that celebrates the beautiful people of Maine.

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Spirited is an ongoing video series that honors Mainers and the passion they have for their personal endeavors in short vignettes.

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Create compelling stories around the pursuits of Mainers that are visually rich and undeniably authentic, all within limited shoot days and self-funded budgets.

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Maine can be a quiet place. Coupled with a raw beauty and contemplative pace, it nurtures deep passion within those who pursue a craft here. They make for an incredible story. Enduring the rugged weather, their eyes reflect the mountains and seascapes that surround them. They honor the rich heritage of rugged settlers and steadfast mariners. With salt in their hair and dirt under their fingernails, they work this pristine countryside and cold sea for their harvest. They embody the Maine spirit and the feeling is contagious.

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KINGSPOKE launched this series to promote the heart of our culture in Maine as well as the production value of its own work. Branding, conceiving, scripting and producing an ongoing series of videos and a branded site to deliver them, KINGSPOKE sees great value in co-Branded content.