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foundation house

Differentiating the colorful story of some intense and important work to challenge a generally sterile industry.

- 01 -section one


Foundation House is on the front line of North American alternative addiction recovery programs. Describing themselves as an urban recovery facility, they boldly place their clients in environments where temptation is real. The result is an astounding 92% success rate from relapse, a steadfast fraternity of alumni and industry respect.

- 02 -section two


Capture the entire Foundation House experience with an impactful brand refresh and collateral, elevate the value of their annual international experience and deliver a B2B experience that would truly mark their programs as an industry disruptor.

- 03 -section three


Addiction is pervasive, yet it's often treated with white gloves. What Foundation House does better than the rest is immerse their clients in real-life experiences that are both normal and comfortably confrontational. The transition then back to sobriety has tested personal boundaries and forged strength in areas of former weakness.

- 04 -section four


KINGSPOKE connected with the mission of Foundation House and provided a brand treatment that spread across all marketing materials to further their disruptor status in a buttoned-up medical industry. The India Box which was shipped to Centers of Influence across the country and is still the talk of the industry — accomplishing goals of increased sales and cementing their position as a unique treatment center with progressive programming.