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Cole Haan

Inspiring a team of incredibly talented fashion designers, marketers and executives at a multi-day creative retreat.

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As a leading lifestyle brand within the ever-changing and competitive global footwear industry, Cole Haan invests in keeping their team inspired. For the second year in a row, Cole Haan entrusted KINGSPOKE to take their top-level team on a creative odyssey and outdoor experience to inspire innovation in an upcoming product line while also enjoying some summertime relaxation and further galvanizing the team.

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Craft an experience that was truly beautiful and elegant but also wild and adventurous, while staying true to our mission of providing creative and intellectually challenging activities. Surround this with delicious, locally sourced food and drinks, live music and warm bonfires, all set in a vintage-styled camp in the Catskill Mountains.

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When you can blend experiences of joy and inspiration on an elevated level across the collective experiences of 100+ incredibly brilliant and accomplished professionals there is something really special that happens. Weaving a thematic thread throughout all of the activities further enhances that. For Cole Haan, and for the KINGSPOKE team, it was profound.

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KINGSPOKE conceived, produced, guided and documented an all-inclusive, three-day creatively cohesive adventure and brand experience for 130 of Cole Haan's most talented. Shortly following, KINGSPOKE edited and produced a video to document the experience for Cole Haan to reference into the future.