Definitive Technology & John Legend

This Is Sound


Commissioned by artist and creative powerhouse Scott Patt of Scott Patt Studio, we were asked to help promote the new partnership between luxury home audio brand Definitive Technology, and award-winning singer/songwriter/actor and producer John Legend. John is a singular talent with a unique perspective, and our job was to share, up-close and personal, how he sees, and hears, the world.


Coming off the release of his new album, marriage and a frenetic publicity schedule over the previous weeks, the reality of John Legend’s life presented a challenge that ultimately became the inspiration for how we would tell this story.

We created an environment for the shoot that was quiet and comfortable, a studio oasis that allowed him to relax, talk — and of course, perform — as naturally as possible, while a team of photographers, producers, stylists, caterers, and managers, all swirled around him. The resulting film is an intimate look at a side of John his fans rarely get to see as he reflects on the role sound plays in his life, and why this new partnership is so important to him.