Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution

The Heartbeat Of Our Community


For our business banking campaign to be successful, we knew we would have to go beyond familiar “customer-reports-what-we-did-aren’t-we-great” executions. We would need to connect our message with the meaning of “community,” and find a way to illustrate the reality of the bank’s 200 year-long commitment to local businesses. And, we would need to do it all with clarity and emotion.


With TV and Radio anchoring the campaign, our concept simply and powerfully tells the story of what SBSI does for local businesses, and why they do it. Portraits of SBSI customers, at their shops, restaurants, and businesses, illustrate the breadth and depth of the local businesses SBSI supports. And a simple piano score of the Bill Withers classic “Lean on me,” powerfully completes the message to local businesses, “We’re committed to you, you can count on us, no matter what.”